*Andy Gasper is not a doctor. Do not take medical advice from Dr.Gasper.
The names Andy Gasper. I do lots of things. Writer, filmmaker, stand-up comedian, doctor*, and friend.  So let's party. Enjoy the site.           
I enjoy telling stories through the lense of a camera. I also enjoy how this whole site is written as if it was an blog made by a 14 year old. I am a legitimate video professional I assure you.*           
*This bit is actually true. He makes movies, works for agencies and works on his own independent projects. And he is quite good I assure you. 
*Not associated with the Academy Award winning film, but just a short about a fisherman who catches a fishstick that Andy calls his "Citizen Kane" 
Heres some of the projects I've worked on: Fantasy TherapyCold TurkeyOf Heist and MenTodayZombiesThe DetectiveCitizen Kane*
I don't even really play video games that much any more. However it was a part of my old site so I guess I'll put this page back up. I like Civ V and Team Fortress 2. I used to do dumb stuff like brag about my KDR but now everytime I log onto xBox live some stupid 12 year calls me a faggot. So I tend to stay away from that sort of non-sense. The game I play most now is Netflix.*           
*Nothing really to report here, he does watch a lot of Netflix. We just needed to keep the gag running.